We have about 100 visually impaired listeners, and that number is increasing every week since we've moved to using digital recording.

Digital recording - DON'T PANIC !!! - A lot of listeners were concerned about this during the change-over but it's easier to use than a cassette tape. Just plug the memory stick into the player and press PLAY. You can stop the player, or skip backwards or forwards - and there's a volume control. IRIS or a house-visitor will make sure you know what to do and you can contact them later if you get stuck.

I haven't got a player, what do I do? - We'll provide you with a player and show you how to use it.

I've got a computer, can I use that? - No problem, you can use the memory sticks to play the recordings on that. Some televisions will even play the memory stick (but we can't help you with that !!).

When do I send the memory stick back? - You send the memory stick back when you receive the next one (you can send it back earlier if you want). This will normally give you a week to listen to it.

My talking newspapers have stopped for no reason - Sometimes envelopes get lost in the post (or more usually end up at a different Talking Newspaper), just let us know and we'll sort it out.

What will it cost me? - Nothing, not a penny!

Do I qualify to get the Talking Newspaper? - Can you see to read the newspaper (with your glasses if you have them)? No - then you qualify.

What if I don't want the newspaper as I've gone into hospital or gone for a long holiday in the sunshine? - Just let us know when you go and when you come back.

What if I move to a care home? - If you like we can sent the talking newspaper to you there.

Moved away from South Cheshire? - no problem, we send recordings all over the UK to people who have moved away from the area.

Want a talking newspaper for your area? - look on the Talking Newspaper Federation page