Crewe & Nantwich Talking Newspaper

Just imagine that this was how you saw a newspaper

How would you get the local news?

From friends? Perhaps.

Local television programmes? Maybe.

What if you prefer the familiarity of your local newspaper, but there is no one who can read it to you?

Fortunately, there is a group that can help people who have sight issues:

The Crewe and Nantwich Talking Newspaper (or CNTN for short).

Blurred Image of Crewe Chronicle

Welcome to the official website of Crewe and Nantwich Talking Newspaper for the Visually Impaired.

CNTN provides a spoken weekly summary of the Crewe and Nantwich Chronicles and additional content on memory sticks to about 100 visually handicapped listeners.

The website was launched in July 2003 and last updated January 2020

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