The Crewe and Nantwich Talking Newspaper Story


Crewe and Nantwich Talking Newspaper for the Visually Impaired was set up following an initiative from Crewe Rotary Club in 1977. They got together a number of local people who became the nucleus for the organisation as it operates today.

Many Rotarians are still among the volunteers running the organisation.

Our work involves bringing the local news to about 100 visually impaired people every week.


To mark the first 25 years of CNTN, we produced a booklet in which some of the founder members recall the early days and the first quarter century. You can read the booklet here (but not yet).

Here are some samples of their story as told in the booklet, "Making the Connection". The title is based on the name of our internal newsletter, Connection. The name is formed from the initial letters of our name - ConNecTioN. It took a crossword addict to come up with that !


Like many other Talking Newspapers, Crewe and Nantwich Talking Newspaper successfully transferred to a fully digital operation in October 2012, using USB memory sticks instead of cassette tapes.